How It Works

Professional Review: A non-invasive, detailed review of each account and invoice is conducted. A computerized analysis is performed to detect any errors and to identify any savings opportunities.

Refund Recovery: Refunds and credits for overpayments are recovered and paid directly to you.

Future Expense Reduction: On a periodic basis, generally 2-3 years, our company will reexamine the account and monitor for any other overpayments.

How We Are Compensated

Our services will cost you nothing, because we work on a strict contingency basis. If during the course of our energy audit we discover that your utility services are in order, and that your bills are accurate, we inform you of our findings, and discontinue our service with no payment to us necessary.

Conversely, if we find that your company is due refunds or credits, because of inaccurate billings, overcharges, improper taxation, or errors, then, payment is made to us based upon any refunds that we are able to obtain for you.



Even a company as large as ours can miss savings. National Energy Consultants was able to identify missed opportunities to reduce our overall utility charges by 9% across several locations.

Farmers’ Cooperative

The expertise that NEC brought to the table allowed us to focus on our customers while they focus on keeping our utility bills as low as possible.

The Machine Shed Restaurant

The savings were beyond our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with the professionalism and communication from the staff at National Energy Consultants.

Washington Co. Iowa hog and grain producer

In farming, it seems someone is always out to sell you something. It’s a nice change of pace to work with a company that only gets paid if I see results.

Industrial cooling manufacturer

The thirty minutes we spent with our NEC representative was the most beneficial investment we’ve made in years!

Culvers franchisee

NEC has been with us since our first restaurant location opened back in 2003. Today, with 8 locations, NEC is still our partner in keeping our utility charges in check.